Case Study — Moore Theological College

CASE STUDY Moore Theological College OE Elsafe had the opportunity to collaborate with the remarkable team at Moore Theological College to provide a flexible power solution. We were pleased to introduce QIKPOST as the solution, which they enthusiastically embraced by adding two to their library. Moore Theological College library what products were included? QIKPOST Agile […]

case study: muzo “power of education”

muzo“power of education”​ muzo“power of education” muzo“power of education” muzo“power of education” CASE STUDY muzo“power of education” Muzo is a leading manufacturer of furniture for modern learning environments. They understand the importance of technology in the classroom and use OE products to provide furniture solutions that keep mobile devices charged throughout the school day. Muzo […]

Case Study: B+N Gira collection with battery power

A Gira Tabaroid with an embedded QIKPAC powering a laptop on top of the unit

CASE STUDY B+N Gira collection B+N Industries has successfully integrated our innovative QIKPAC battery into its high-quality Gira furniture line. This fusion brings energy and inspiration to offices, revolutionising workspaces. Gira inspires creativity, promotes true innovation and creates a harmonious atmosphere. Gira Taboroids and tall walls what products were included? QIKPACK CARRY QIKDOC Portable battery […]

OE Showroom – Case Study

CASE STUDY OE Showroom London Nominated finalist for Mixology23 Project of the Year, in the category Workplace Interiors Sub5k sq ft, 3equals1 Design and OE worked together to re-energise our Farringdon showroom.  1a Briset Street – OE London Showroom photography courtesy of Gavriil Papadiotis what products were included? QIKPAC CARRY PICCOLO PLY Portable battery power. […]

Case Study: Horsforth Sixth Form

CASE STUDY Horsforth Sixth Form Student Space powered sixth form OE is pleased to have provided power to Flexiform’s recent project with Horsforth Sixth Form. As part of a stylish new canteen, working, and breakout area for students, our popular on-desk power unit, PLUTO, provides students with accessible power and USB charging points. Furniture manufactured, […]

Case Study: Leeds University

CASE STUDY University of Leeds flexible furniture Special Collections and Research Center at Leeds University is home to hundreds of thousands of rare books, manuscripts, archives and art. UNIVERSITY OF LEEDS – SPECIAL COLLECTIONS what products were included? QIKPAC CARRY Portable battery and High Power USB charging unit. CLICK HERE for more information.  about this project Since […]

Sydney Grammar School

CASE STUDY Sydney Grammar School Cable-free exam rooms Sydney Grammar School approached OE Elsafe for a solution to their usually time-consuming exam setup process. Previously several teachers worked for three days to setup the four exam rooms, running mains power cables between desks and taping them to the floor to prevent trip hazards. Exam room […]

Case Study: Austria Train Station

CASE STUDY Mistelbach Train Station, Austria POWERED STATION SEATS Green Furniture Concept’s Nova C series in Mistelbach Train Station makes the passengers feel at home on their travels – with the comfort of charging their devices on the go. GREEN FURNITURE CONCEPT what products were included? POP PHASE PIP In surface power unit.  CLICK HERE for […]

Case Study: University of Bedford

CASE STUDY The University of Bedfordshire OE were privileged to be suppliers to a £47million investment into a new Library at the University of Bedfordshire. The project incorporated 74,000 square meters of space over 9 levels. UNIVERSITY OF BEDFORDSHIRE what products were included? PLUTO PULSE On surface  power unit.  CLICK HERE for more information. On surface […]

Case Study: Stockport Homes

CASE STUDY Stockport Homes OE was a proud supplier to Stockport Homes’ head office, “Cornerstone,” a 51,000 sq. ft. installation by Heatons Office Interiors. Photography courtesy of Heatons Office Interiors what products were included? PEARL PATHFINDER POWERBOX In surface  power unit.  CLICK HERE for more information. Cable management.  CLICK HERE for more information. Power unit.  CLICK HERE for […]