poseur table



•  Cordless option powered via QIKPAC battery

•  Seated and standing height options

•  QF PORT or PLUTO table top charging options

Product Highlights

Product Description

POSEUR TABLE, designed to offer a host of OE’s AC or DC power solutions is available in two standard heights and fully configurable to your needs using QIKFIT AC power or our ANIMATE range of DC solutions. This powered-up, positionable table is perfect for offering charging capabilities in informal spaces, such as office breakout areas, hospitality & leisure venues, and exhibition halls.

For tabletop power options – pick from PLUTO or QIKFIT PORT. For additional mobile device charging, add ARC-H LD for 15W through-surface wireless power.

No access to nearby AC power sockets? No problem. You can specify your POSEUR TABLE with our patented QIKPAC batteries for all-day mains-free charging.*

*Specify POSEUR TABLE with QIKPAC batteries to enjoy complete freedom from fixed wall sockets and floor boxes.

We test every pin on every connection in every socket

All units are manufactured using ISO9001 quality controlled components and practices and are 100% tested before dispatch.

  • Cable options:
    POSEUR TABLE may be ordered either with:
    A hardwired power cord to mains AC plug, or
    integrated IEC C14 or GST18 male connectors for attachment of a separate power supply cord.
  • Materials:
    Laminated MDF top, powder coated extruded aluminium leg and steel basepolycarbonate

all your questions answered


What can be specified on/under the table? 


PLUTO or QF PORT  can be specified in the centre of the table top. Up to 3 additional through-surface wireless chargers ( ARC-H LD) can be added. 

Bag/coat hooks available under the surface on request.


What can be specified in the leg? 


Power via QIKPAC battery and QF30 PSU for complete mobility or specify QIKFIT POWER MODULES.

Optional additional USB: QF05 TUF HPQF15 TUF HPQF15 TUF 30W


What heights does POSEUR TABLE come in? 


Available in two standard heights: 1158mm tall; for standing or us with high stools, or 522mm for lounge seating areas. 

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