poco & pearl



• Available with a choice of international sockets, data & AV

• Add TUF-R HP or 25W USB modules with TUF | PROTECT

• Takes up less than 50mm of desk space

Product Highlights

Product Description

Get ready to transform your workspace with POCO – the ultimate desktop unit designed to take up minimal space on your desk while providing all the power and data connectivity you need. With its slim-line design, POCO (mounted vertically) takes up less than 50mm of desk space, making it the perfect choice for hot-desking or personal power.

Able to be customised up to 3 metres long, POCO can be configured to your exact specifications, accommodating a combination of AC sockets, USB and data/AV. With brackets available to suit most types of installation, POCO can also be mounted to a tool rail.

POCO is available with a Silver anodized body and grey fascias, striking all black, or all white as ‘PEARL’.

We test every pin on every connection in every socket

All units are manufactured using ISO9001 quality controlled components and practices and are 100% tested before dispatch.

  • Cable options:
    POCO & PEARL may be hardwired to:
    • mains AC plug 
    • Male Wieland GST18 connector for “soft wiring” e.g. connection to an under-desk power modules or direct to a floor socket via a starter cable

  • Materials:
    • Earthed aluminium extruded chassis with fire retardant moulded grey socket fascias, and end caps. 
    • OE anti-flex system of interlocking socket fascias guarantees unit integrity regardless of length
    • Internal segregation between Power and Data/AV. Internal 2000V protective membrane to give additional insulation/protection.

all your questions answered


What is the difference between POCO & PEARL


POCO is black or grey in colour and PEARL is white, that’s all.


What can be specified in the apertures? 


Any combination of AC power, data/AV or canister USB modules from our TUF range.


What lengths are POCO & PEARL available in?


POCO & PEARL are available as standard in 2 or 3 gang versions. However, custom units can be ordered up to 9ft in length.

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