The high power USB A+C modules for
commercial interiors

A sleek & discreet way to add fast USB A+C charging to any space. Our TUF USB module which has been installed in over 1,000,000 projects. 

high power charging at your fingertips

Replaceable 42mm round module

Reversible USB type-A and type-C ports!

LED Power Delivery Indication

Patented USB Cartridge

Independently tested to 10,000 insertions

Internal overload protection

pairs perfectly with your
favourite power units

ten thousand

The TUF-R 25W module has been independently tested to over 10,000 insertions.


You can replace the module in less than five minutes

Sometimes sticky situations arise. You don’t have to be an electrician to replace the TUF A+C 25W module. Follow our video guide to replace your TUF.

Don't let your day grind to a halt.
Charge high power devices on the go.

Even in areas without power, you can combine TUF HP with our QIKPAC battery, to stay charged.


Say what?!
First time every time.

OE’s TUF HP USB module is reversible. This saves time & keeps the USB module damage-free. 


Easy to install USB modules for furniture.

Adding USB charging into your furniture is simple with QF15 TUF HP, or QF05 TUF HP.


Or mount power units to your furniture.

View our product range & check out our environments pages (such we office, education & meeting rooms) to spark some mounting inspiration. 


OE’s TUF-R® is a patented USB fast charging module offering USB types A and C in a compact 42mm round fascia. TUF-R is the OE Electrics brand name for its Twin USB Fast – Replaceable charging module able to be fitted into the majority of OE power modules. 

USB Power Delivery (PD for short) is a universal single charging standard which is used for most USB devices. Devices will no longer need separate adapters as USB PD will be able to charge the majority.


With OE’s unique replacement tool, TUF USB modules can be replaced quickly and easily on-site, without the need for an electrician or turning off the power!

Watch the video here

TUF is designed for device charging only. Data transfer is not possible as TUF has no external data connections or the ability to store malicious code.

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