Power & USB solutions for the offices ​

Flexible power and charging solutions for the schools, colleges, universities and libraries. Power lecture theatres, libraries, exam halls and agile spaces.


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High quality data & AV options so you can upgrade your hybrid meetings to HD. 


It’s more important than ever that spaces within the office are collaborative, flexible and, most of all, people-focused.

power for desks

Having accessible on/under desk power options takes the hassle of of every-day tasks when working from a desk. 

A key advantage of PACE over conventional desk top solutions is that the QIKFIT modules can easily be changed on site, either to new configurations to suit evolving user requirements, or to replace a damaged socket.​

PANDA is one of our most popular units for desktops. The signature colour scheme is black-on-white, or you can customise with a range of colour options. Add AC power, data & TUF USB charging options.

PIXELTUF will fit seamlessly into desks & other furniture in the office space. The unit comes with an AC power socket and a TUF USB module. Specify with a wireless charger for ultimate usability.​

PHASE uses an innovative concealed mounting bracket and through-back or through-base cable entry options to install securely under desks, tables and soft furnishings. Add AC power, data & TUF USB charging options.

power for agile spaces

Fancy adding power to your flexible spaces? The following power solutions are ideal for agile working…

QIKPAC powered furniture can simply be located where needed without needing to worry about having a mains socket nearby. Our portable QIKPAC CARRY enables students to bring power anywhere.

PICCOLO provides up to 60W through the USB Type-C port, allowing for laptop charging, and up to 12W fast charge through the USB Type-A port; perfect for phones and tablets.​

A simple yet flexible solution to offering high power USB charging and Data/AV to furniture. QF PORT provides a simple means to power a wide range of furniture. ​

ARC-H LD provides 10 Watts of charging power, making it among the fastest wireless charger on the market! Keeping in mind it’s also a through surface charger!

power for meeting rooms

Increase the efficiency of meetings with power options. We can create well-designed, productive meeting spaces that enhance the meeting experience & increase productivity.


PRESENTER is a mobile TV – powered by OE’s QIKPAC battery. The unit is easy to move around the office and makes a convinent companion for presenting presentions.​

PRISM is ideal for meeting room power options. The unit smoothly rotates with light finger pressure to reveal your chosen combination of power, TUF-R®A+C and data/AV sockets.​

Spin PANDORA to reveal power options or close to keep a tidy meeting space. Specify with a range of AC power, Data/AV and USB options. 

PEAK’s “floating surface” design is an elegant approach for providing power and data connectivity to meeting tables. The low profile design offers subtlety and sophistication.

power for soft seating

Powering soft seating areas transforms them into a perfect space for getting some work completed or even an off the cuff meeting. 

A black, or white housing to allows for QIKFIT modules to fit neatly into soft furnishings. The QIKPAC battery can be mounted into QIKFRAME.

PLATEAU is a stylish in-surface power unit which is simple to mount into soft seating to provide easily accessible power.

PIXELTUF fits into soft seating. The unit comes with an AC power socket and a TUF USB module. Specify with a wireless charger for ultimate usability.


PIP is ideal for integrating power into soft seating. Available in our 10 standard colours, including an optional brushed steel inlay. Specify with TUF USB, or AC power. ​


PwC Manchester

OE were privileged to provide a number of power and data distribution solutions for PwC, including PLUTO, POSE, PHASE, and PIXELTUF; all in custom colours to compliment the space’s colour scheme and internal design. We were delighted to see Pluto, usually an on-desk unit, mounted beneath a table; proof that our customers are just as innovative as our products!



CodeMasters, the world-renowned video game developer & publisher, recently called upon Ultimate Furniture to support them in the redevelopment of their office space. OE Electrics were happy to help Ultimate Furniture by proving the electrics and assisting with the planning of the project.


Integral office

Integral UK provides property maintenance to over 1,600 clients in 60,000 locations. To support that level of service, Integral required their own headquarters in Bristol to be a lean, agile working environment. Part of this scope required on-desk phone and laptop charging solutions at each of the 160 workstations as well as in the lobby and communal areas.

We have a USB charging solution
that is perfect for you!

Don’t know which TUF module is right for you? Have a read though our comparison table; if you are still not sure chat to an expert here.



(QF15 TUF 30W & TUF-R 25W 42mm)

  • reversible USB A+C
  • internal overload protection
  • replaceable module*
  • intelligent device recognition
  • charge laptops
  • up to 72W


(QF05 TUF HP, QF15 TUF HP. TUF-R HP 42mm)

  • reversible USB A+C
  • internal overload protection
  • replaceable module
  • intelligent device recognition
  • charge laptops
  • up to 72W

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