Cable-Snake® Cube



• Durable tread-resistant links

• Segregate power and data cables  

• Alternative desk/floor fixings

Product Highlights

Product Description

CABLE-SNAKE® CUBE’s 2D/3D flex system and unique GECKO kit option is the ideal vertical cable management solution for height-adjustable office desks. The compact twin-compartment CUBE umbilical enables efficient management and elegant segregation of power and data cables from floor box to desk-top and integrates seamlessly with our QIKTRAY (horizontal cable basket). The Easy Zip system allows cables to be quickly inserted into and removed from CABLE-SNAKE® CUBE without specialist equipment.

The CUBE 2D section is optimized for use with ergonomic furniture such as sit-stand desks, unrolling automatically in one plane only, just like a caterpillar track.

The CUBE GECKO Kit offers integrated magnets and a steel rod that enables the quick, tool-free installation to the desk leg. Optional 3D sections provide cable management and protection across the floor to power sockets.

We test every pin on every connection in every socket

All units are manufactured using ISO9001 quality controlled components and practices and are 100% tested before dispatch.

all your questions answered


Is CABLE-SNAKE® CUBE compatible with heigh adjustable furniture?


CABLE-SNAKE® CUBE has been designed to perfectly integrate with height adjustable furniture, so that it rolls and unrolls automatically in one plane as the table is raised or lowered.


How can I manage cables with CABLE-SNAKE® CUBE?


The twin compartment CUBE umbilical enables efficient management and segregation of power and data cables from floor to desktop.

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