qikpac carry



• 200Wh useable battery power

•  high power USB-C laptop charging with TUF | PROTECT

•  with dual USB-C or USB A+C ports 

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Product Description

QIKPAC CARRY combines our QIKPAC battery & high power USB module TUF/R®HP for instant 72W charging force – that’s enough to power a laptop! All in a super portable housing, QIKPAC CARRY allows you to be completely mobile – pick up and move to a new location at your convenience.

Grab your coffee & a QIKPAC CARRY & get set for a full day of flexible power. Each QIKPAC battery has enough juice to power your workstation for an entire day and can be easily swapped for a freshly-charged unit when you need it. Now available with dual USB-C ports (QF05 TUF-R CC), power up two laptops simultaneously!

Powering a workstation has never been easier with the simple addition of a QIKDOC. Enable cordless power & unlock the freedom to move & change desk configurations, adjusting to meet the needs of every situation & environment. Goodbye, traditional office!

We test every pin on every connection in every socket

All units are manufactured using ISO9001 quality controlled components and practices and are 100% tested before dispatch.


How to replace QF05 TUF HP in QIKPAC CARRY


all your questions answered


How many USB ports does QIKPAC CARRY have?


Two. QIKPAC CARRY can be equipped with either of OE’s QF05 TUF modules.

QF05 TUF-R HP:  1 x USB-A port & 1 x USB-C port


QF05 TUF-R CC: 2 x USB-C ports


How long does it take to charge a QIKPAC CARRY?


One QIKPAC will charge in 5-8 hours, for more than one you can divide the useable capacity of the battery (200Wh) by the power of the QF30 PSU 70W. 1-2 batteries = 5-8 hours. 3 = 8-11 hours.


What international approvals does the battery have?


Battery Operational Safety – IEC/UL 62133; Transportation – UN38.3, Electromagnetic Interference – EMC (EU) and UK, and FCC (US), Materials – ROHS, REACH.


How long does QIKPAC CARRY last per charge? 


QIKPAC CARRY has enough juice to power your workspace for an entire day.


What is the lifespan of the QIKPAC battery? 


The average lifespan is around 5 years, depending on use. The battery is capable of at least 1,500 full charge cycles before the battery health drops below 70%. 

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