•  Choice of international sockets, data & AV

•  Add TUF-R HP or 25W USB modules with TUF | PROTECT

•  Minimalist, low-profile design

Product Highlights

Product Description

PIVOT is a longitudinal in-surface unit developed as a compact, internationally compatible power & data module. The soft-eject mechanism works in harmony with it’s sleek design aesthetic & robust, high quality form factor. It is available in various lengths to accomodate additional gangs.

We test every pin on every connection in every socket

All units are manufactured using ISO9001 quality controlled components and practices and are 100% tested before dispatch.

  • cable options:
    With the Wieland GST connection option, connection cables can be changed according to the requirements, especially useful for movements and changes (CHURN)
  • materials:
    Aluminium chassis with polycarbonate socket trims and end caps.

all your questions answered


What can be specified in a PIVOT?


PIVOT can be configured with power only, data only or combined (Power & Data/AV) with internal segregation between Power and Data/AV in combined PIVOT units


Where can PIVOT be installed?


PIVOT is equally suited to the kitchen, home or hotel
environment and can even be installed in soft
furnishings (eg: chairs, sofas or benches).


What is the minimum depth of a PIVOT install?


Minimum depth requirement of only 64mm

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