powerbar 2P2O



•  Choice of international sockets and data solutions

•  Add TUF-R HP or 25W USB modules with TUF | PROTECT

•  Optional mounting frame for panels

Product Highlights

Product Description

POWERBAR 2P20, like its predecessor POWERBAR, features a minimum of 2 fixed UK fused sockets. But with an additional two configurable apertures, choose from our 42mm modular range, including AC power, USB charging, and data/AV sockets to customize your POWERBAR to meet your exact needs.

POWERBAR 2P20 boasts fire-resistant polycarbonate moulding that ensure the utmost durability and safety. Through-body screw fixings, accessory clips, and optional POWERBAR panel frame, there are plenty of options for fitting POWERBAR 2P20 into your space.


We test every pin on every connection in every socket

All units are manufactured using ISO9001 quality controlled components and practices and are 100% tested before dispatch.

  • Cable options
    Male for power in, plus optional female connector for power out on certain power configurations. Two Power Bar units can be securely clipped together e.g. a Powerbar 70 and Powerbar 2P20 with 3.15A fuses can be joined to form a BS6396 compliant 6 socket unit.
  • Materials
    POWERBAR 2P20 is constructed from high strength fire retardant black polycarbonate mouldings.


A CANISTER PSU (or QF30 PSU) is required for use of TUF HP


Why would I need a CANISTER PSU?

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