TUF USB Chargers

choose the right type of USB to power your devices

Portable technology has become an integral part of our daily lives and it is continually advancing. That’s why OE are always one step ahead with a compatible USB charger to power it.

We offer a wide range of USB chargers with varying specifications to meet the needs of different devices. So, whether you’re looking to charge your smart phone, tablet, laptop or other portable devices, we have a USB charger that will suit your needs.

Patented Replaceable USB Cartridge

Independently tested to 10,000 insertions

Reversible USB type-A and type-C ports!


The  TUF|PROTECT  symbol represents all the safety features our TUF USB range includes.

So when you see it you can be assured that it includes:

• Continuous over temperature protection
• Internal voltage protection

• Overcurrent protection

• Short circuit protection

• Reversible A+C outlets

• IEC 62368-1:2014

• UL62368-1 cTUVus

TUF|PROTECT continuously manages the health of your USB to protect you and your device.
It’s part of the core makeup of TUF and makes our USB modules some of the safest out there.

Replace USB modules in under five minutes

Sometimes sticky situations arise. You don’t have to be an electrician to replace the TUF A+C 25W module. Follow our video guide to replace your TUF.

Choosing the right TUF for your project

Compare the specifications of our TUF modules, so that you can choose a TUF that suits your requirements.


Our most popular USB module

• USB A+C module

• Available in most OE units

• Charges mobile devices and tablets

• Power delivery

• Replaceable 42mm module available

• Reversible USB-A

• 25W power

Our next generation USB module

• USB A+C module

• Available in most OE units

• Charges mobile devices and tablets

• Power delivery

• Replaceable 42mm module available

• Reversible USB-A

• Up to 65W USB-C power

• Charges Laptops

How much power do you need?

Since its initial release in 2011, OE has been dedicated to enhancing and expanding its range of TUF USB chargers to anticipate and exceed market demands. This graph provides an overview of the power requirements for various typical devices.

Please note that the values depicted in the graph are approximate and can vary depending on specific models and configurations. 


the power of TUF

Armed with the typical power consumption figures of the devices you wish to charge you can better understand your requirements. This graph shows how much power each TUF module is capable of delivering, so you know which USB module is the perfect power match for your project.

We've got a TUF for that!

42mm Canisters

TUF-R® A+A is our legacy TUF 42mm canister, patented replacable and offering 2 USB-A ports with a combined output of 12W for legacy device charging. 

TUF-R® A+C 25W is our most-popular USB fast charging canister. With both USB-A and USB-C ports for charging mobile devices. With a combined output of 25W.

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TUF-R®/HP (High Power) is OE’s latest evolution in USB charging. This canister module offers up to 60W laptop charging via the USB-C port but retains USB-A port for charging legacy devices with a combined total output of 72W.

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Part of our QIKFIT range, QF15 TUF 30W offers both USB-A and a USB-C ports with a combined 30W output in a form perfect for panel mounting. 

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QF15 TUF HP offers both USB-A and USB-C ports with a combined output of 65W. Capable of laptop charging via USB-C. No PSU required.

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QF05 TUF-R®/HP offers USB-A and a high power USB-C port with a combined 72W output* in its smallest footprint with replacability. *PSU required.

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TUF USB charging explained

All the contents of this page in a neat, helpful PDF download just for you.

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OE’s TUF-R® is a patented USB fast charging module offering USB types A and C in a compact 42mm round fascia. TUF-R is the OE Electrics brand name for its Twin USB Fast – Replaceable charging module able to be fitted into the majority of OE power modules. 

USB Power Delivery (PD for short) is a universal single charging standard which is used for most USB devices. Devices will no longer need separate adapters as USB PD will be able to charge the majority.


With OE’s unique replacement tool, TUF USB modules can be replaced quickly and easily on-site, without the need for an electrician or turning off the power!

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TUF is designed for device charging only. Data transfer is not possible as TUF has no external data connections or the ability to store malicious code.

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