•  Birch ply construction

•  2 gang vertical or 3 gang horizontal versions

•  Braided power cord option

Product Highlights

Product Description

PLY takes the traditional desktop power module in an exciting new design direction, incorporating birch plywood and laminate for a fresh, contemporary look. Choose between premium “Alpine” white or Fenix Grigio Bromo laminate for the front trim, which beautifully contrasts or complements the black socket fascias and mounting bracket. To add an extra touch of style, opt for the black and white rayon braided power cord.

PLY comes in two versions – the vertical 2 gang and the horizontal 3 gang, both offering a choice of international AC power sockets, our class-leading TUF 25W twin USB fast charger, and data and AV sockets. The powder-coated steel clamp bracket allows for easy desk edge or through-desk mounting. Upgrade your workspace with PLY’s sleek design and versatile functionality.

We test every pin on every connection in every socket

All units are manufactured using ISO9001 quality controlled components and practices and are 100% tested before dispatch.

  • Cable options:
    PLY is fitted with an 800mm black PVC power cord to Wieland GST18 male connector as standard, with braid sleeve option. Alternatively the required length power cord may be terminated with the appropriate mains AC plug for the socket type fitted.
  • Materials:
    • body: Laminate faced birch ply
    • socket inserts and fascias: polycarbonate 
    • rear plate and bracket: powder coated steel

all your questions answered


What can be installed in PLY’s apertures?


Any combination of AC power, data/AV, or TUF USB modules


What wood is PLY made of?


PLY uses birch wood from a sustainable source.


Can I customise PLY?


Yes! PLY can be made as standard in Alpine white or Fenix® grey matt lamination – custom laminations are available on request.

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