Power & USB solutions for meeting booths and pods

Acoustic meeting rooms and pods are a staple within the modern office. They provide private spaces for focus work alongside creating collaborative areas that reduce the impact on others in the office. OE design & manufactures a range of power solutions for meeting pods & booths.

Power solutions for complete focus.

OE's convenient power and USB charging options keep your devices charged and focus on the task at-hand.


Click here to see our modular components page to see all of the options available. 

Optional High Power USB charging available – click here to find out more. 

High quality data & AV options so you can upgrade your hybrid meetings to HD. 

There's a RAL colour to match your vision


Turning your ideas into reality is a dream when you can specify the exact colour you have in-mind.

power for private pods

Adding accessible power to small private pods is simple; many of our power solutions take up minimal space.

PICCOLO provides up to 60W through the USB Type-C port, allowing for laptop charging, and up to 12W fast charge through the USB Type-A port; perfect for phones and tablets.​

PIXELTUF will fit seamlessly into desks & other furniture in the office space. The unit comes with an AC power socket and a TUF USB module. Specify with a wireless charger for ultimate usability.​

A simple yet flexible solution to offering high power USB charging and Data/AV to furniture. QF PORT provides a simple means to power a wide range of furniture. ​

QF05 TUF HP combined with our QF30 PSU, provides up to 72W of charging. QF05 TUF HP brings in the era of universal laptop charging through the full 60W.

A mounting frmae that enables your choice of QIKFIT modules or QIKPAC battery to be fitted into panels and surfaces 2.54mm to 38.1mm thick.

power for meeting booths

Meeting booths should provide power options for people to use. The following options are simple to integrate into booths…

Perfect for creating a total mobile and agile solution. QIKDOC allows OEs QIKPAC Carry to be docked in to power the furniture

PLATEAU is a stylish in surface unit, ideal for mounting in screens. Available in two or three gang, with a range of AC power and data options.

PHASE may be mounted on, or under a desk. Specify with AC power, USB charging and Data/AV to furniture. 

PULSE “floats” above the surface – maximising desktop space. Specify with AC power options, Data/AV, or a TUF module from our USB range.

A mounting frmae that enables your choice of QIKFIT modules or QIKPAC battery to be fitted into panels and surfaces 2.54mm to 38.1mm thick.


University of Birmingham

The University of Birmingham built a new library – tailor-made to suit the requirements of modern students. There are different learning spaces to cater for modes of study. Each area includes power options so people can use their own devices as they work.


Frem Oasis Soft Social Booth

OE worked with furniture manufacture Frem to encorporate ANIMATE battery power and High Power USB charging into their semi-private seating.

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