qikpac charger base



• Charge up to three batteries

•  Freestanding or fixed installation 

•  Linkable AC power option

•  Available as TRIPLE CHARGER KIT


Product Highlights

Product Description

The QIKPAC CHARGER BASE makes convenient charging a breeze. Freestanding or secured, the base tucks neatly into any space, and the compact, durable steel construction ensures a long service life.

In addition, QIKPAC rests comfortably on the base and easily accommodates horizontal and angled charge station locations. With the integral 70W power supply the  QIKPAC CHARGER BASE is able to charge three QIKPAC batteries or QIKPAC CARRY’s simultaneously. Need more than three QIKPACs? 

QIKPAC CHARGER BASE’s can be connected to extend your charge station’s capacity. Connect your charge base or station to a single GST18 starter cord and begin charging. QIKPAC CHARGER BASE’s are available in white or black.

We test every pin on every connection in every socket

All units are manufactured using ISO9001 quality controlled components and practices and are 100% tested before dispatch.

all your questions answered


How many batteries can a CHARGER BASE charge at once?


One CHARGER base can charge 3 QIKPACs.


How long does it take to charge QIKPAC on the CHARGER BASE? 



Three fully depleted QIKPACs would take 9-11 hours to fully charge. The charging time will decrease if the QIKPACs are put on charge while they already have some juice.

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