Power, USB & cable management for sit stand desks ​

Our cable management options bend and straighten
naturally with the movement of your standing desk to safely and effectively manage your cables. Choose from our range of power units to add AC power, Data/AV and USB options for sit stand desks.

Sit or stand:
it's your choice.

Flexible cable management snakes for sit stand desks eliminate snagged cords and cables. CABLESNAKE has been designed to perfectly integrate with height adjustable furniture.

power options for sit stand desks

OE design and manufactures on, in and under desk power options that you will find easy to install to your standing desk.

PICCOLO provides up to 60W through the USB Type-C port, allowing for laptop charging, and up to 12W fast charge through the USB Type-A port; perfect for phones and tablets.​

Don’t have a lot of real estate to give way to a big power unit? Look no further QF PORT has enough juice for your entire workstation and sits almost flush with your desk. Specify with two QF05 TUF HP or a range of Data/AV options. 

PHASE uses an innovative concealed mounting bracket and through-back or through-base cable entry options to install securely under desks, tables and soft furnishings. Add AC power, data & TUF USB charging options.

PANDA is one of our most popular units for desktops. The signature colour scheme is black-on-white, or you can customise with a range of colour options. Add AC power, data & TUF USB charging options

PIXELTUF seamlessly fits into desks. The unit comes with an AC power socket and a TUF USB module. Specify with a wireless charger for ultimate usability.

Ditch trailing power cables and forget floor boxes—elevate your desk with battery power. Integrate QIKPAC CARRY into your desk with QIKDOC. 

cable management for sit stand desks

OE design and manufactures on, in and under desk power options that you will find easy to install to your standing desk.

CABLE-SNAKE® CUBE’s 2D/3D flex system and unique GECKO kit option is the ideal vertical cable management solution for height-adjustable office desks. The compact twin-compartment enables segregation of power and data cables.

CABLE CLEAT is OE’s premier cable management solution. A cost effective & practical way to manage unsightly cabling. CABLE CLEAT’s design ensures that re-arranging cables isn’t a challenge – remove & rejig cables with ease.


Staverton sit-stand desk

OE worked with furniture manufacture Staverton to build an agile sit-stand desk.


battery powered sit stand desk

The OE R&D team were set the following brief: create a self-powered standing desk to be used anywhere. They powered the sit-stand desk, monitor and PICCOLO power unit through a QIKPAC mounted in a QIKDOC. 


Click here to see our modular components page to see all of the options available. 

Optional High Power USB charging available – click here to find out more. 

High quality data & AV options so you can upgrade your hybrid meetings to HD. 

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