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Ditch trailing power cables & forget fixed wall sockets: unlock agile spaces with QIKPAC CARRY. Use the high power DC battery pack as a portable battery bank, or integrate QIKPAC into furniture with accessories from OE's ANIMATE range.


QIKPAC CARRY packs 200Wh of charging time into a portable power pack that can be taken anywhere. To translate that into the run time, you’ll get an additional 20 hours from your laptop, 50 hours from your tablet and 200 hours from your cell phone*.


One press of QIKPAC CARRY’s orange button reveals how much charge is available, indicated on the LED panel. These LEDs also communicate several other features, such as charging progress, charge completion and fault modes.


The QIKPAC CARRY features OE’s patented TUF USB CHARGER – 5v, 9V, 15V, & 20V Power Delivery from the USB-C port for super fast charging, and a 5V (3A) power from the USB-A port for charging legacy devices. 

power people




The smart way to power your building.

PowerConnect underfloor power: an innovative busbar alternative that is taking the industry by storm.

Powerconnect is designed to be more agile, using fewer materials and requiring less time for installation.

Built in Yorkshire; to power people everywhere.


Meticulously developed and manufactured in-house, OE are dedicated to providing cutting-edge power solutions, tailor-made to the dynamic working environment & beyond.

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