Horsforth Sixth Form Student Space

powered sixth form

OE is pleased to have provided power to Flexiform’s recent project with Horsforth Sixth Form. As part of a stylish new canteen, working, and breakout area for students, our popular on-desk power unit, PLUTO, provides students with accessible power and USB charging points.

Furniture manufactured, supplied and installed by: Flexiform

what products were included?


In surface  power unit.  CLICK HERE for more information. 

about this project

he space is split into two zones designed for students to study and socialize. Sofas, tables, and semi-private acoustic booths create an informal work area to accommodate both individual and group study while ensuring students have the chance to relax between classes.

Comfortable sofas are provided for students to share ideas and relax in groups, while tables decorated with PLUTO power modules for charging laptops allow a single student or groups of up to 4 to collaborate on computer-based tasks. Designed to power small teams, PLUTO offers both power sockets and TUF-R USB charging, allowing students to power mobile devices and laptops. Its domed design allows socket access around the table. Additionally, specified with TUF-R A+C USB, PLUTO is perfect for use in high-traffic areas due to the USB modules’ patented replaceable technology in case of misuse.