Moore Theological College

OE Elsafe had the opportunity to collaborate with the remarkable team at Moore Theological College to provide a flexible power solution.

We were pleased to introduce QIKPOST as the solution, which they enthusiastically embraced by adding two to their library.

Moore Theological College library

what products were included?


Agile power.

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about this project

QIKPOST is a convenient and portable power unit that can recharge quickly and be easily moved around on its wheels, providing power to laptops, tablets, and smartphones where students are working.

We tested the QIKPOST units with students who were studying that day, successfully charging their devices and enabling collaboration on their projects.

The librarian affectionately referred to QIKPOST as the “power tower,” which we believe accurately captures its functionality.

A sincere thank you to the team at Moore Theological College for welcoming us into your library and allowing us to witness firsthand the impact of the QIKPOST units.