B+N Gira collection

B+N Industries has successfully integrated our innovative QIKPAC battery into its high-quality Gira furniture line. This fusion brings energy and inspiration to offices, revolutionising workspaces. Gira inspires creativity, promotes true innovation and creates a harmonious atmosphere.

Gira tabaroid stools and rolling wall with monitor

Gira Taboroids and tall walls

what products were included?



Portable battery power.

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Line diagram of a QIKPAC carry

Battery Docking Station

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about this project

B+N’s primary market focus is retail furniture. However, in order to expand into the commercial furniture sector, the company has initiated the development of a mobile furniture solution. To ensure a successful design, B+N sought input from senior contacts within the furniture industry, including former employees of MillerKnoll and other relevant experts.
OE was approached for their input during the initial design phase. During these discussions, the B+N team recognised the need to make significant revisions to their original design. As a result, they decided to go back to the drawing board and add Animate to their solution.
18 months later, Gira, the finished mobile furniture solution, was officially launched at NeoCon 2023. B+N proudly presented Gira in their dedicated space at Fulton Market in Chicago. Following the successful launch of Gira, the designers at B+N continued to explore its applications and identified the need for a mobile screen tailored to retail environments.
A Gira Tabaroid with an embedded QIKPAC powering a laptop on top of the unit

Gira offers a range of height-adjustable desks, fixed desks, movable partitions, storage solutions, planters and additional components that can be configured to meet the changing needs of employees. These versatile items are available in a variety of styles to suit different working environments. Their modular nature allows for easy rearrangement without tools or professional assistance, enabling users to adapt their spaces as needed.

One of Gira’s outstanding features is its wireless charging capability using OE QIKPAC battery banks (rebranded as Volta). These provide sufficient power for devices anywhere in the workspace, both inside and outside. This feature enables spontaneous team discussions and collaboration sessions without having to worry about finding an available socket. By addressing modern working habits, Gira creates an open and inviting environment that promotes productivity and inspiration.

“The workplace is evolving, and the office is no longer just a default work location. “

B+N Industries

A Volta (QIKPAC) Docked in one of the Gira lockers, powering a workspace

All images courtesy of B+N Industries