Why do I need a PSU and TUF-HP rather than a single module?

ANIMATE has been developed for installation into a wide variety of furniture applications, many of which have limited space for the user interface (ie: the USB connectors). By separating the brains (TUF-HP) from the brawn (PSU, Power Supply) the TUF-HP has been kept small, while the larger PSU can be mounted elsewhere in the furniture where there is space. Another key aspect is that this separation between the transformer and TUF-HP allows a QIKPAC Battery to be directly inserted into the system to easily transform what would be a mains connected system into a mobile battery system, with just the addition of one part. The ANIMATE PSU is equivalent to a mountable “laptop transformer”, similar in size and output power, but interconnectable with the GST18 connector system. Using ANIMATE means that users no longer need to carry around their laptop brick charger cables, and in public spaces, the danger of high voltage socket outlets is eliminated! But whereas a laptop charger only outputs a single voltage for a specific device, the TUF-HP needs to be compatible with multiple devices from phones, tablets, laptops and more, that require multiple voltages from 5V to 20V. Therefore, the TUF-HP modules house the intelligence to modify the output to suit any connected device. Each TUF-HP module can independently power the Type-A and Type-C USB at different voltages to suit whatever devices are connected to it, either individually or simultaneously. TUF-HP are not only available as standalone devices, such as the Panel mount QF05/TUF-HP or the Surface Mount PICCOLO, but also, because of the minimised footprint, in EVERY desk module that OE has ever designed, as TUF-R HP, whether it be our OEM modules or our customer’s ODM modules. But if you want a single combined module, for your application, please call us and we will see what we can do – we are always developing new solutions.

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