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The QIKPAC BATTERY is the heart of the Animate range. And because we design products for longevity and durability, we’ve put much thought into QIKPAC’s service life.​

We’ve chosen Lithium-ion as our storage medium because of its capacity to store a lot of energy in a small package. However, as with most things, you must treat Lithium-ion right to get the most bang for your buck.

There are two critical factors to consider when optimizing Lithium-ion. The first is heat, and the second is how you recharge. Heat is the enemy of any electronic technology. It degrades components and materials faster as temperatures rise. ​

So, what causes increases in component temperatures? For one, the speed at which you charge the battery. The quicker you push energy into a cell, the more heat is generated. We purposely use a slower charge cycle to take advantage of user downtime. Controlling and monitoring battery health with an on-board BMS (battery management system).

Charging times from qikpac charger base*

1-2 QIKPAC CARRY5-8 hours
3 QIKPAC CARRYs9-11 hours
*Charge time from 0% to 100% per PSU. There is one PSU for every three batteries

The qikpac charger base is available in both White and Black
as standard. Custom finishes can be ordered subject to minimum
order quantities.

Line diagram of a QIKPAC carry

longevity of the QIKPAC battery

QIKPAC batteries are designed to have a “lifespan” (“the number of charge cycles before a noticeable (~20%-30%) drop of capacity” – but even then they still work) between 1500 and 2500 charge cycles. Effectively, battery lifespan does not mean end of life, it just means significantly reduced run time.

In personal equipment like cell phones, Li-ion batteries are allowed to drain to 0% from a top charge of 100%. As such, they will exhibit a decrease in battery capacity after only 500 charge cycles, or approximately 18–24 months based on daily use, which most cell phones users will have experienced. They still store power, just with a shortened run time.

By limiting the extremes of the charge state, and controlling charge and discharge speeds, of QIKPAC’s Li-ion cells, OE has increased the “lifespan” by as much as fivefold. QIKPAC batteries are pre-programmed to shut down with 10% charge left and charge only to 90%, however long they are plugged in. This minimal limitation (to 200Wh usable energy) extends the “lifespan” of the battery, potentially to 2500 cycles, depending on environmental conditions (ambient temperature, time between charges, etc) before a noticeable degradation of storage capacity. As QIKPAC is primarily a commercial use battery, and a working year is often 250 days, its lifespan could be as much as 10 years, but certainly at least five.

In essence, by reducing the single charge usable capacity of QIKPAC, by just 20%, the user gets five times more charge cycle use – thereby reducing the battery “cost per charge” by 80%.

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