will my TV run on the QIKPAC battery

Yes! Your TV can become completely portable with QIKPAC

Modern flat screen TVs are highly efficient and use a comparatively small amount of power to run. This makes them excellent candidates to be powered by the OE QIKPAC battery. The majority of TVs are powered in one of three ways, and the run time you’ll achieve is dependent on which type you have. The three main types are:

TYPE ONE - external AC/DC conversion TV

This is where the conversion from AC to DC happens outside the body of the TV, usually in the form of an AC/DC Adapter – Similar to the sort that’s used with most Laptops.

TYPE TWO - DC powered TV

DC Powered TVs were once only found in caravans and boats, but as technology progresses the availability of DC TVs is increasing, as is the choice of available screen sizes.

TYPE THREE - internal AC/DC conversion TV

This is where the AC to DC conversion takes place inside the body of the TV, and an AC power cord goes straight into the back, and is either removable or fixed.
TV EPC chart
TV EPC chart

How do I know if my TV is External or Internal Conversion

A TYPE ONE external conversion TV has a DC Jack socket on the back (or side), that will usually be denoted with one of the two below symbols to identify polarity:
TV polarity symbols

What is the battery life?

There are lots of variables to consider determining how long a QIKPAC (or series of QIKPACS) will run your TV for, but the main consideration is how it is powered.
To find out how long your TV will run for on QIKPAC(S) get in touch with the make and model of your TV, and we’ll get back to you with an estimate and a solution.

How QIKPAC powers the three types of TV

TYPE ONE - external AC/DC conversion

This is the most straight forward kind of power input to convert, as we can provide a bespoke cable that goes straight from the QIKPAC battery to the back of the TV via a DC Jack.
There are a few vital pieces of information that we’ll need to make a cable for your TV:
• The voltage and wattage of the AC/DC adapter
• The size of the DC Jack plug
• The polarity of the DC Jack plug
All of this information will be on the AC/DC adapter itself, so the easiest way of getting this information to us would be to take a photo of it.

TYPE TWO - DC powered

TVs with DC input are straightforward to run from a QIKPAC battery, as all that is needed is a cable that runs from the QIKPAC to your TV.
DC TVs tend to run on one of two voltages, 12V or 24V. Once we know which voltage your TV runs on, we can make a converter cable that goes between the QIKPAC battery and your TV and hey presto, your TV is portable.
DC powered TVs enjoy the longest run-time from the QIKPAC battery due to the efficient nature of running the TV without having to convert the voltage or current type. To get an estimate of how long your DC powered TV will run from QIKPAC, get in touch with the make and model, and we’ll do the rest.

TYPE THREE - internal AC/DC conversion

This is the least straightforward kind of TV to adapt to work with the QIKFIT battery, as an inverter will need to be used to convert DC to AC.
The OE Inverter is part of the ANIMATE range and will power an AC QIKFIT Module of your chosen nationality. The TV will then plug into the QIKFIT Power Module, and leave you a spare socket for a peripheral such as a Blu-ray player or Soundbar.
A TV running via an inverter will not enjoy the same battery life as one running directly from DC (See Type 1 or Type 2) but if your TV plugs in straight from a mains lead, then an inverter will allow you to make it portable.
In addition to an inverter, an RCD will also be required for user protection. The extra cost of an inverter, RCD and socket may even exceed the cost of a new DC powered TV. Not to worry, our team are always on hand to assist and advise what would be best for you.


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