What happens if too many users overload an ANIMATE PSU (Power Supply) or QIKPAC battery?

All outputs on ANIMATE PSUs or QIKPAC Batteries are overload protected. For the PSU, if multiple users attempt to draw too much power (eg: due to 60W charging from multiple TUF-HP) then initially the PSU output voltage will drop. This communicates to the TUF-HP modules that excessive power is being used and they will automatically drop back to a lower power output (eg: 45W for laptops) to share the resource. But, if the load is still too large the PSU voltage would continue to drop and the TUF-HP will simply stop working until one or more devices are disconnected, allowing the voltage to climb again, and the TUF-HP to restart charging. For the QIKPAC, if it has been overloaded, the output will shut off and the button will need to be pressed to reconnect power to this port. But due to the large output capacity of the QIKPAC, you would need to be using more than all 8 USB ports of 4 x TUF-HPs, at full capacity, to come close to overloading it.

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