What can ANIMATE power?

Whilst ANIMATE includes several components and “bringing the furniture to life” even covers mains operated power sockets, the pre-eminent feature of ANIMATE is the TUF-HP USB charger module. The Type-A USB (the more familiar larger connector) can output up to 12W of power, which is sufficient to power the most power hungry devices that use a Type-A connection for charging. The Type-C USB (the smaller connector) can output up to 60W of power, which is sufficient to fast charge compatible phones, tablets and also ALL Type-C charging laptops. Also, the ARC series of wireless chargers can be connected to ANIMATE to provide fast wireless phone charging – either with the through surface ARC80, sub-surface ARC-H or PIXELARC. Both TUF- HP and ARC modules can be connected to either ANIMATE PSUs (Power Supply), spurring off from a mains electricity installation of industry-standard GST18 connectors, or they can be powered by a QIKPAC Battery, offering 240Wh of power, completely independent of the fixed wiring. Wherever you sit, stand, work or play, ANIMATE can charge your devices and ensure that wherever your next destination (conference meeting, team huddle, cinema, restaurant or taxi) you have a fully charged device. However, it doesn’t stop there, ANIMATE can also power 24V DC operated devices such as sit-stand desk actuators, LED lighting and even compatible monitors. Please feel free to ask us about specific applications, as convertor cables may be required.

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