Cable management

Why is cable management important in the workspace?


 Find out how cable management can help your business, by providing the perfect solution to keep all of your wires safe and organised! Cable management is fundamental within the design of offices and educational environments, to comply with BS6396 standard.  BS6396 states that cables must be held/secured in an appropriate structure. 


A tidy work environment can boost productivity by decreasing stress; less time is wasted looking for items within the cluttered space. Workers often find it easier to concentrate in a tidy space too, as they are less likely to get distracted by cluttered objects that they can see. Good cable management encourages workers to keep their space tidy as they may feel responsible for any untidiness.


By having a tidier work environment, it is so much easier to keep a clean work environment. We all prefer a clean desk especially if it’s a shared desk.  PATHFINDER (pictured above) helps to keep a space clean.  As the Pathfinder also prevents wires from trailing on the floor it makes the process of cleaning the floor faster and safer for cables.   


Keeping employees and visitors safe is paramount for any business. Cable management can prevents trips and keep people safe.  PATHFINDER GROMMET provides a complete cable protection whereas other solutions leave parts of the wire exposed – creating a tripping hazard.  


A five minute job can quickly turn into an hours work when tangled wires get involved. Save yourself the time and frustration by investing into cable management.


Cable management can extend the life of your cables as they are protected from everyday wear and tear. This saves money and the hassle of replacing the wires.  Sit-Stand desks are becoming ever more popular, especially now employees get to have their workspaces exactly how they like when working from home.  The movement of the desk and cables can shorten the life of the cables as it increases the wear and tear on them. CABLE SNAKE is the ultimate cable management solution for ergonomic furniture such as height adjustable desks; as it unrolls automatically in one plane only, just like a caterpillar track.


When you are showing visitors around the workspace, a simple way to impress them is with a clean, organised workspace. Cable management accomplishes this, without a the stress of a frenzy clean before they arrive.


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