Wireless charging

Wireless charging is a convenient way to power your day; simply place the device face up onto the wireless charger or charging surface. There is no need to clutter your space with wires. Wireless chargers are being adopted by bars, hotels, restaurants and works spaces to make sure everyone has convenient access to power. 

Wireless chargers are either placed on the surface or routed to the surface.  Sub-surface wireless chargers are installed under the surface to transform the surface into a wireless charger.



Why should I go wireless?

  •  Universal – both Apple and Android phones can charge from the same wireless charger
  • Convenient – can be installed almost anywhere
  • No wires – keeps surfaces and workspaces clear of clutter
  • Seamless – charging your phone is as simple as placing your phone down 

Is my phone wireless charging compatible?

You can check your phones user manual to see if you can use a wireless charger. There are now 200 different smart phones which can be charged wirelessly. 

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