Dedicated to service, quality & safety

We’ve been revolutionizing spaces with innovative power solutions since 1986. Expanding globally with companies in the UK, Germany, Australia, and the US, our focus on service quality and safety remains steadfast. Our mission is clear: to provide top-notch power solutions that meet the highest standards of quality and safety worldwide. 

We test every pin on every socket in every connection

All units are manufactured using ISO9001 quality controlled components and practices and are 100% tested before dispatch.

Quality assured in-house.

Meticulously developed and manufactured in-house, OE are dedicated to providing cutting-edge power solutions, tailor-made to the dynamic working environment & beyond.

Experts in powering spaces

Our expert staff can advise on best practise installation for powering your space to comply with BS6396 and BS7671.



Above all else, our customers come first, & that’s why they love working with us. From first contact right through to delivery, we are committed to elevating customer experience beyond all expectation.


Compromise on quality? Never. Our design team are experts in their field & masters of minimizing cost – but never at the expense of quality. Our customers are presented the very best solutions & at the right price, always.


Since inception & throughout humble beginnings, the OE motto has been honored in both philosophy & practice. Measured by the successes of our unparalleled passion in product design, we are always innovating.


Safety is vital. That’s why if a unit is made by us, then it’s tested by us. Under OE’s 100% testing policy, we ensure all products are up to the electrical safety standards our customers know & expect from us.

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ISO 9001

ISO 14001

ISO 45001


// BS6396:2022 – PDF DOWNLOAD