safe device charging in public spaces

TUF-R power modules are designed for device charging only with no possible data transfer.  TUFs built in safety features make it perfect for public spaces. 

“For a number of years there have been articles questioning the security of installed USB chargers, some even purporting to reference the FBI, saying that malware can be transferred from them to a phone. As yet we are unaware of any documented case and most articles admit this. The whole “juice jacking” term was coined by a company that sold a dongle type device to “supposedly” protect you from it.

What OE can say is that TUF has no external data connections or ability to store enough code to put malware on a device.

But in addition, for the last 10 years or so, if a device wanted to make a data connection to your phone, be it Apple or Android, the user would have to explicitly allow it.  So even if there was a USB port that pretended to be a charger, the user would have to specifically authorise any download, thereby leading to a potential virus threat. There are greater risks installing an App or connecting to a public Wi-Fi, which users do authorise on a daily basis, than there is from surreptitious malware emanating from a USB charging outlet.

What these articles should say, therefore, is that if a user plugs into a USB outlet that they are unfamiliar with, a user should not authorise any data transfer – something an OE TUF would/could never initiate”.

Designed for public spaces TUF-R also has the unique and patented benefit of being replaceable. If damaged through misuse, TUF-R can simply be quickly replaced by anyone using a simple OE tool.


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TUFR USB charging modules from OE can quickly and easily be replaced in-situ, without the need for an electrician or turning off the power.

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