NHS, Business Services—Stellar House

At Stella House, the team wanted an environment to implement Smart Working to encourage staff collaboration, wellbeing and productivity. The idea behind Smart Working (also known as Agile Working) is to use modern technology and different types of workspaces applicable to the task at hand. Work anytime, anywhere, using any device.

Photography courtesy of Flexiform

what products were included?



In surface  power unit.  CLICK HERE for more information. 

In surface  power unit.  CLICK HERE for more information. 

about this project

Hot-desks fitted with PIXEL provide a comprehensive array of built-in IT and network points. Hot-desking has no assigned seats and has fewer desks to the overall number of staff, giving staff total freedom around the office. No under desk storage was used, instead, a range of lockers were provided for personal items allowing users to move around the office freely. At the end of each bank of hot desks, mobile TV screens were placed so hot-desk users could project work up for discussion throughout the day.

At Stella House areas were separated into ‘zones’ using of colours and textures. Using biophilic design to improve staff wellbeing and productivity. Kennedy opted for green grass-like carpeted areas, solid wood worktables and forest motifs to create an organic natural feel and provide a natural boost to creativity.

The use of colour also promoted desired behaviours and feelings based on psychological reactions and not personal preference and helps identify changing characteristics of the zones. A variant on sensory changes helps stimulate staff and change mindset as moving through the office.

Stella House is a perfect example of an Agile Working environment which allows flexibility for staff and in return creates a move efficient, pro-active workforce.