Our greenest product to date

Both PIP2 and PIP3 are built from up to 60% recycled plastic content and are compatible with our patented replaceable TUF USB charger for easy on-site repairability.

Here’s a word from Duncan (Design Manager @ OE) on what sets PIP2 and PIP3 three apart…

Power options

PIP2 and PIP3 can house any of OE’s ranger of international mains power sockets, as well as our patented TUF USB charger.

Construction & CO2e data

Each component used to build PIP2 and PIP3 is carefully selected and sourced, with quality and sustainability at the forefront of our selection process. The main body of PIP2 and PIP3 is made from 60% recycled plastic, and can be specified with our TUF USB charger for easy, on-site repair and upgrade.






PIP2 is a two-gang unit, meaning it can house a maximum of two sockets. PIP3 on the other hand can house a maximum of three sockets.
PIP2 and PIP3 support our entire range of round fascias, including, mains power, USB charging, data, and AV.


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The Angled frame allows PIP2 and PIP3 to sit in a surface at an 8-degree angle, which studies have shown to be an ideal ergonomic angle for day to day use. The Flush frame allows PIP2 and PIP3 to be mounted parallel with the installation surface, and is best suited for vertical mounting applications .
PIP2 and PIP3 are hard-wired to a GST 18i3 connector. This means you can either attach a starter lead of your desired length and plug nationality to power a single unit, or, attach multiple PIP units to a GST 18i3 splitter to power all the units from a single power source.
PIP1 (or simply, PIP) was released in 2017 and has been a best seller since. Unlike PIP2 and PIP3, PIP is not available with an angled frame and is exclusively flush mount. PIP is a single-gang unit, meaning it can house one mains socket, or one TUF USB Charger. Click here to find out more about the original PIP.

Things aren't that black and white...

As with most OE products, PIP2 and PIP3 can be ordered bespoke. The unit’s frame is available in black or white as standard, but we can paint it to the RAL colour of your choice.

PIP2 and PIP3 have a lot in common, but there are a few differences...

  • Features
  • Number of sockets

  • 2

  • 3

  • Dimensions

  • 128 x 72 x 65mm

  • 186 x 72 x 65mm

  • Installation surface

  • 3.5 - 38mm

  • 3.5 - 38mm

  • Cut-out size

  • 118 x 60mm slot
  • 176 x 60mm slot
  • Wireless Charger option

  • Available with Flush fascia

  • Available with Angled Fascia

  • Power cable*

  • GST 18/3 cable

  • GST 18/3 cable

  • * GST 18/3 cables allow the versatility to link to either a starter lead with your choice of international plug, or to a power distribution unit in applications where several PIP2 or PIP3

    Get in touch to configure your new power solution

    PIP2 and PIP3 can both be configured in hundreds of different socket and colour combinations. To configure your PIP2 or PIP3 get in touch by clicking the button below.