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You wouldn’t expect excitement first thing on a Monday morning, but last week crowds poured into the Business Design Centre to attend Workspace Design Show and the atmosphere was electric!

From design talks and discussions, to the workspace community debuting their innovations; the event provided valuable insights into the latest trends and technologies that can be used to create a more functional and productive workspace. 

Likely driven by the increased uptake of hybrid working models, one popular trend was the office as a social environment. Many exhibitors focused on displaying conceptual ‘resimercial’ workspace designs fit-out with individual and team booths, soft seating and moveable furniture to accommodate various ways of working. 

Mute. booth at Workspace Design Show with OE QIKFIT power under desk.

Other prevalent themes included circularity, sustainability and wellness. With a clear drive towards a wellness-focused working space design balanced productivity and comfort and were accessorised with with homely accessories, such as rugs, plants, soft furnishing and fabrics. The ability to work anywhere and be comfortable where you work is high in demand.

The show’s after hours event (coined by visitors ‘Workspace by night’) allowed attendees to explore the show up until 9pm and network with drink and nibbles. Previously hosted off-site, the event was instead hosted on the show floor only further highlighting the adaptability of these spaces and reflecting the social side of the environments in which we prefer to work.

"the tethers that tied us to a desk are being cut by increasingly mobile technologies..."

Free range power for the agile worker.

At Workspace Design Show OE exhibited their ANIMATE range, a system of li-ion batterys and DC power solutions designed to complement the demand to work anywhere. Create completely untethered working environments without trailing cables or being fixed to wall sockets. 


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