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Nobody leaves home without a phone, tablet, or laptop anymore. So, how do we charge our gear when we’re away from home? OE has a simple solution to keep your valuable electronics charged.

OE’s soft-cord solution enables multiple lockers to be easily configured and powered from a single plug. Choose from various models; mix and match modules for the ideal solution to your unique charging needs. Charge source options include AC power outlets, USB A+C 25W PD, and USB A+C 65W High Power chargers.

All OE solutions enable repair over replacement, keeping with OE’s pledge to promote sustainability. In case of damage, all TUF chargers are field replaceable without an electrician.

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Flexibility of locker design

Our single-plug Soft-Cord Solutions offer efficient options for powering many power modules simultaneously – though for BS6396 compliance we recommend that no more than six mains power sockets (fused at 3.15A) be powered from a single plug. We provide mains power and USB charging options that are easy to install and low profile, ensuring valuable storage space isn’t sacrificed. Plus, in the event of damage to a USB charger, the TUF® cartridge is easily replaced without an electrician or powering off the circuit.

Left: Adapter block wiring
Right: One-piece harness wiring

w/ TUF® HP
USB Charging

Mains Power

Mains Power Socket w/ TUF® USB Charging

QF15 65W

Mains Power

Mains Power
Sockets w/ TUF® USB Charging

If you’d like to discuss your locker power requirements, please contact one of our sales team members.
They will assist you in exploring the various options we offer, providing you with expert guidance and support.

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