Customer Guide to TUF-R Replacement

Additional notes

  • To correctly insert the replacement TUF cartridge, align the “square” and “round” said locating features with the matching features in the blue housing.
  • Only a black TUF canister should be fitted in a blue housing
  • Replacement TUF replacing tools can be ordered separately
TUF-R replacement tool

TUF Replacement tool

Insert the “Snake-Eye” bit into the tool as shown

step 1.

Use the tool to unscrew the two “Snake-Eye” screws

Use the tool to unscrew the two “Snake-Eye” screws

step 2.

lift off the TUF fascia

step 3.

Insert the second part of the TUF Replacement tool until a click is heard
(4 clips engage in TUF cartridge)

step 4.

Pull the TUF cartridge out from the unit

step 5.

Insert the new TUF cartridge, paying close attention to the orientation of the cartridge
in the blue housing.

step 6.

Push cartridge until a click is heard

step 7.

Place the TUF facia back into position

step 8.

Using the TUF Replacement tool and “Snake-Eye” bit, screw the two “Snake-Eye” screws back into place

Do not overtighten. Tighten until secure only. Do not use power tools.

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