Universal Sockets: A Dangerous Convenience

A universal socket with exposed contacts

Universal Sockets: A Dangerous Convenience Facebook LinkedIn Twitter The Plugs and Sockets, etc. (Safety) Regulations 1994 control the selling of mains sockets in the UK. Universal sockets do not meet the requirements specified, and it is therefore not legal to supply them in the UK – despite the high praise of some media. David Peacock […]

How USB charging on trains could boost customer satisfaction

USB charging on a train

poweringtransport contact TRANSPORT INSIGHT How USB charging on trains could boost customer satisfaction Drawing on intelligence from the company’s recent white paper, OE Electrics’ Lee Walker explains how onboard USB charging could streamline and enhance the passenger experience Personal electronic devices have transformed the way we communicate, work, and entertain ourselves. So reliant are we […]

muzo “power of education”

muzo“power of education”​ muzo“power of education” muzo“power of education” muzo“power of education” CASE STUDY muzo“power of education” Muzo is a leading manufacturer of furniture for modern learning environments. They understand the importance of technology in the classroom and use OE products to provide furniture solutions that keep mobile devices charged throughout the school day. Muzo […]

Case Study: B+N Gira collection with battery power

A Gira Tabaroid with an embedded QIKPAC powering a laptop on top of the unit

CASE STUDY B+N Gira collection B+N Industries has successfully integrated our innovative QIKPAC battery into its high-quality Gira furniture line. This fusion brings energy and inspiration to offices, revolutionising workspaces. Gira inspires creativity, promotes true innovation and creates a harmonious atmosphere. Gira Taboroids and tall walls what products were included? QIKPACK CARRY QIKDOC Portable battery […]

Tim Hobbs on Truth, Lies and Workplace Culture podcast

Is the office making a comeback? Tim Hobbs, OE technical director, shares valuable insights on why accessible charging is a must for hybrid workers and the future office. exhibitions Join hosts Al and Leanne in their most ambitious episode to date.  Joined by 16 experts in the worlds of architecture, interior design and workplace psychology to […]

OE Showroom – Case Study

CASE STUDY OE Showroom London Nominated finalist for Mixology23 Project of the Year, in the category Workplace Interiors Sub5k sq ft, 3equals1 Design and OE worked together to re-energise our Farringdon showroom.  1a Briset Street – OE London Showroom photography courtesy of Gavriil Papadiotis what products were included? QIKPAC CARRY PICCOLO PLY Portable battery power. […]

Clerkenwell Design Week – Review

Clerkenwell Design Week 2023 WHAT’S TRENDING IN THE DESIGN COMMUNITY? approx. 3 min read all insights In this article What is Clerkenwell Design Week? What’s Trending? Sustainability Materials & Colour Technology The Agile Office // WHAT IS CLERKENWELL DESIGN WEEK? Clerkenwell Design Week (CDW) is the UK’s leading independent design festival showcasing an array of […]

safe device charging in public spaces

safe device charging in public spaces technology TUF-R power modules are designed for device charging only with no possible data transfer.  TUFs built in safety features make it perfect for public spaces.  “For a number of years there have been articles questioning the security of installed USB chargers, some even purporting to reference the FBI, […]

USB-C: The Future of Charging Technology

The significance of fast and convenient charging solutions has become increasingly apparent as technology continues to revolutionize the way we work. With the need to power laptops, tablets, and phones for extended periods of use, it often requires having multiple charging cables readily available. To tackle this issue, a new law in Europe aims to expedite the implementation of USB-C across all portable devices. Dedicated to keeping our customers informed of the latest advancements in charging technology, we believe that this new regulation will have a substantial effect on the way we charge our devices

OE expands global footprint with move into North America

OE expands global footprint with move into North America. all news // GROWTH INTO NORTH AMERICA OE Electrics, the multi award-winning manufacturer of innovative data distribution and power solutions, has announced its expansion into North America as part of its global growth strategy. The company has launched a new North American business – OE Electrics […]