family football lounge

convenient power & USB charging

The lounge provides a dedicated space for the families of Academy and Pre-Academy players during their training sessions and before and after matches.

what products were included?



On surface  power unit.  CLICK HERE for more information. 

On surface  power unit.  CLICK HERE for more information. 

about this project

The design brief called for a welcoming space in which “families feel a sense of belonging”, acknowledging that families of Academy players will spend a significant amount of time at the facility. The space would therefore provide a comfortable, homely area for the families, with an individualised and personable feel.

A sense of belonging is echoed throughout the design. The rich history of the club is reflected through the branding and colours used, from the furniture and the wall graphics to the power and USB outlets.

“USB sockets and power supplies are a great way for parents to catch up with work and power devices to keep young siblings entertained during the long evenings spent here.”

Staff feedback 

Access to power, in this space, is crucial for individuals who need to work on laptops or other electronic devices for extended periods. This is particularly relevant for those who work remotely or need to use their devices while on the move. Additionally, parents with children find smartphones and tablets useful tools to keep their kids entertained.

OE PLUTO and PIXEL units were chosen to provide convenient, reliable power and USB charging for the space. To add to the aesthetic, blue LED lighting is used subtly around the space, including LED’s in the PLUTO units, which have become a focal point of the design.