Davison Highley


OE recently worked with Davison Highley on their new BEE range. BEE is a modular system that offers a variety of agile spaces for the workplace. The offering includes soft seating, tables, privacy screens, and even planters; this creates a high-quality working environment. When combined, the modular system forms areas for both individual and collaborative work.

what products were included?



Wireless charger. CLICK HERE for more information. 

In surface  power unit.  CLICK HERE for more information. 

about this project

Our charging solutions were ideal for the BEE range as we design them to integrate into all furniture with ease. During the project, we collaborated with Davison Highley to help them pick the right charging solutions for their agile workspace. Collectively, we decided upon the under surface charger ARC-H LD and USB fast charger PIP

PIP is a brilliant choice for this project as the small USB charging unit can be panel mounted in furniture quickly. The stylish BEE modular range has a minimal design so OE recommended PIP due its small form factor and seamless integration. PIP includes our TUF A+C fast charging module, which suits the fast pace workspace as it can charge phones quickly. The latest phones can gain 20% charge from a 10 minute boost!

An agile workspace should be able to charge employees’ phones so that they can work effectively from their devices. However, in a busy work environment, it can be easy to forget a charging cable. Wireless charging, therefore, works effectively in an agile space. OE’s ARC-H LD through surface wireless charger is a hidden charging experience. We recommend ARC-H LD for this project as it is a convenient charging solution that blends into the BEE system.